Focus Area 1:

Mastering Your Money Mindset 


Your money mindset/wealth consciousness is a muscle that must be flexed everyday. We are all on our own journey with money and we have a unique money story. And it’s important that you are clear about yours.

In your masterclass journal, answer the questions below.


Money Moment of Truth

  1. What did your father believe about money? What did he teach you about money and what were his money behaviors?

  2. What did your mother believe about money? What did she teach you about money and what were her money behaviors?

  3. What role did money play in your family life growing up?

  4. What is your current relationship with money?

  5. Without any judgement and with true honesty, describe your current financial situation.

  6. How does your body feel when you think about money?


Write out 10 Old Money Beliefs that you’ve been carrying around. Then, transform those old beliefs into new and positive beliefs that will serve you. See the examples below.

Money Belief Examples (1).png

Get Financially Grounded

  1. What are you monthly expenses for your personally life and for your business? It’s important that you know how much money is going out in order to truly influence how much money is coming in.

  2. What are your fears and doubts about your ability to make money in your business?

  3. How much money do you truly desire to make each month between now and April?

  4. What do you need to do or who do you need to be in order to meet that number?

  5. When you make your desired amount of money, what would you like to do with it?

  6. What has kept you from making that amount of money in the past? And what is keeping you from making it now?

Napoleon Hill 6 steps.png

Money Music

  1. When you get nervous or scared about money, what songs help you to calm down?

  2. When you get excited about making money, what songs do you enjoy?

Collective Growth

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Remember to read a minimum of 15 minutes of wealth consciousness materials each day.