Focus Area 4:

Get Focused and Get Organized

This week’s activities will have you in front of your computer less and moving around more.

Getting organized as a business owner is not always about the business itself. It’s often about how organized we are in other areas of our lives. When our home is clean and decluttered, our minds our clean and decluttered. Being organized in other areas of our lives determines how efficient we show up in our businesses.

In this first activity we will take a look at four important areas in our homes/workspace that have a major impact on how we show up in our business. Chances are if these areas need some cleaning up, then you are most likely less organized and less efficient in your business than you’d like to be.


  • What do you see when you first wake up in the morning?

  • How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning?

  • Are there currently things in your bedroom that belong in another room? If so, what are they and where do they belong?

  • Do you have work-related items in your bedroom?

  • What do you currently have in your bedroom that brings you joy?

  • Look around your bedroom. What does your bedroom need more of? What needs to go from your bedroom?

Office/working space

  • Scan and shred necessary papers.

  • Declutter your space.

  • Take the time to prepare a nice workspace, a space that you’d be proud to show others.


  • Clean your mirror so you can see yourself clearly.

  • Go through all of your cabinets and drawers and get rid of old and/or unused products/makeup.

  • Deep clean this space.


  • Clean out your refrigerator .

  • Plan your/family meals for the week.

  • Throw out/give away any cups, utensils, plate, etc. that you don’t like or use.

  • Deep clean this space.

Now that you’ve done all of that, how do you feel?

Fierce and Focused Calendar

 Daily Goals + Weekly Goals + Monthly Goals = Organized Calendar

For this activity take a blank sheet of paper or an excel spreadsheet and create a chart with each day of the week at the top. On the left-hand side of your document write out each hour starting at 7:00am and ending at 10:00pm. Fill in the spaces under each day, during each time slot. Even if it’s “sleep” or “morning routine” put it in your chart. Do this for an entire week. Don’t forget to add breaks in your calendar.

Something that will help with this process is getting clear on what your goal is for the day, what your goal is for the week and what your goal is for the month. This should help guide what you put in your schedule chart.

Now that you’ve done that, it’s time to actually calendar it. Take a few moments and put your charted tasks in your actual calendar



Focused Systems and Support

Where can you enlist more support to create the time you deserve to grow your business? Make a plan to get it in place immediately. It’s okay to start small, just start somewhere.

From the list below, select three (3) ways in which you’d like support AND rank them in order that’s most meaningful to you. If there’s something missing from this list, add it.

  • Hire nanny/babysitter

  • Hire a housekeeper

  • Hire a personal assistant

  • Food/grocery delivery service

  • Hire a stylist

  • Hire a cook

  • Hire someone to do your laundry

  • Hire a dog walker

  • Hire a business assistant (virtual or in-person)

  • Hire a private chef

Based on the three that you selected, find someone or get referrals for each of those support systems. Find out the rate/price for each. Make the call, send the email, move the money around and schedule the appointment to get the support you need without hesitation.

Collective Growth

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