Focus Area 5:

Master Your Story: Personal and Professional


Self Sabotaging Stories

There are stories in our heads that we’ve been telling ourselves for years. Often times these stories are negative but we don’t even realize it.

List 5 stories that you’ve been telling yourself and that have been holding you back from having the business that you desire.

Example: I’m not good enough. People won’t do business with me because… I don’t have what it takes to run a successful business. I can’t do that because…

  1. How long have you been telling yourself these stories? Specific time frame.

  2. Approximately how often do you tell yourself these stories?

  3. Are these stories true about you?

  4. What are is truth about each of these stories? Write down the truth next to EACH story.

Support Your True Story

  1. What are the new stories you’d like to tell yourself about yourself?

  2. What new and true stories do you want your ideal customer/audience to know about you?

  3. Write out 10 affirmations and/or mantras that support your new stories (ex. People love purchasing my products/services. I have everything I need to be a successful business woman.



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Collective Growth

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