Focus Area 6:

Mastering Your Business Behind The Scenes

Building an A-Player Team

  1. Write down the name of you lawyer. If you do not have one, research and schedule a consultation meeting with them by the end of the week.

  2. Write down the name of your accountant. If you do not have one, research and schedule a consultation meeting with them by the end of the week.

  3. Honestly answer the following question based on how you’ve been showing up in your business in the last 60 days: Would I hire me? Please take a moment to describe yhy or why not?

  4. List out the next 3 positions that you would like to hire for in your company. (Ex. social media intern, copywriter, virtual assistant, receptionist, packing and shipping expert, etc).

  5. Create drafts of position descriptions for all 3 positions for which you’d like to hire.

Legacy Plan and/or Exit Strategy Plan

Whether you are thinking about selling your business or not, it’s great practice to have a “Legacy Plan” in place. Many of you are solopreneurs and haven’t thought beyond how the business will sustain itself if something were to happen to you or if you were to exit the business. In this next activity, please dig deep and think about the generations whose lives you can impact based on the business you are building today.

Remember, anyone can start a business but it takes a special kind of person to build a business.

  1. What are 3 processes/products/services/strategies that you could put in place to ensure that your business would run smoothly without you?

  2. If you knew you had to exit/sell your company on December 31st, 2020, what actions would you take now to ensure that the business continued to run smoothly on January 1st, 2021?

  3. What legacy would you like to leave behind? And for how many generations?

  4. What can you do now to start working towards that goal?


Take some time to finish the other focus areas if you haven’t already.

Collective Growth

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Wealth Consciousness Reading

Are you still reading your money mindset books at least 15 minutes a day? If so, what have you noticed? If not, what have you noticed?