Focus Area 7

Get Fiercely Purpose-Driven and Visible

  1. What do you believe to be your purpose in life?

  2. In what ways are you living into that purpose now?

  3. In what ways is your purpose showing up currently in your business?

Visibility in your Business

  1. In what ways are you currently being visible in your business?

  2. What social media platforms do you use for business? How often do you post?

  3. What types of in-person networking do you engage in? How often?

  4. What would happen if you were more visible in your business?

  5. What’s been keeping you from being more of the face of your business?

  6. What are 3 ways that you plan to be purposely visible in your business?

Seen and Be Seen

Get visible to your masterclass.

Share your business social media platforms in the private facebook group so we can “follow, like and subscribe”.

This could be Facebook Business Pages, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We want to see you and support you.


Take some time to finish the other focus areas if you haven’t already.

Collective Growth

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