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It's time for a fresh start in 2018 for women Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers and The Vision Investment is ready to help you. Gift yourself with a Fresh Start by reserving your spot to work with Camille.

Of course you are a powerhouse woman who has it all together for the most part but if we tell the truth about it, you know you've been called to DO, HAVE and BE MORE! It's time. The world is waiting for the REAL you. 

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3-Month Private Coaching + 2 VIP Half-Day Sessions


This coaching program helps new and established women Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers get focused, gain clarity and take immediate action on their true vision for their life. This private coaching program with Camille is specifically designed for those women who are aware that a shift is needed in their life and who have enough courage to do what it takes to make it happen. 

Not only will you get 3-months of personalized coaching but you will get two (2) VIP Half-Day sessions with Camille. That's three (3) hours of focused attention on your vision and the desires for your life! 

There is also flexibility in this special offer because you can get started right away at the beginning of the year or you can start later in the year. The flex terms are that you must complete the coaching within 3 months of the initial coaching session and all coaching sessions must be complete by August 31st, 2018. So you could technically wait until 2nd or 3rd quarter to get started! 

There is very limited availability for this special Fresh Start offer so don't wait, reserve your spot. Your vision deserves this. 



VIP Half-Day Sessions

This is your time to focus on you and invest in the private, personalized attention that your vision deserves. You'll spend 3 hours with Camille, solely dedicated on helping you get clear on the next best steps. This was specifically designed for women who are results-focused.  Limited Availability. 

Fresh Start 2018 Investment: $297 ($200 savings)