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You're Invited to join the Vision Investment Mastermind Experience 2019

This 6-month Vision Investment Mastermind Experience is for women business owners who are experiencing a pull towards a deeper, more vision-connected business and lifestyle.  Together, we will assess where you are and then shift our focus by taking a deep-dive into creating the business and the lifestyle that you truly desire.

We will tackle excuses, remove barriers and release fear that may get in the way of the necessary successes, your up-level and your revenue. This mastermind experience will be packed with transformative reflection that elicits authentic goals and ways of being. But it will also create specific action plans that will help you meet your business and life goals. This investment isn't for everyone, but is specifically designed for those who are ready for a shift in her business, her revenue, and in her life.


Watch the video below to learn more about the Mastermind Experience.

The Vision Investment Mastermind Experience will:

  • Focus on accountability and strategy that will elevate and streamline your business

  • Renew your confidence so that you feel prepared to go to the next level

  • Challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone in an extremely supportive environment

  • Realign your vision for success in your business and your life

  • Help you stand in your power from the inside out

  • Create a weekly, monthly and quarterly Personalized Action Plan so that you feel organized and ready to reach your business goals

  • Offer the clarity that you need right now to move your business forward

  • Holistically elevate your physical, mental and spiritual health

  • Expand your network and create connections with high-quality, women entrepreneurs who are serious about being successful in life and business

What would you most like to achieve in your business in 2019?

Do you have the support to make it happen?

Together we will do the inner work and the outer work to help you reach your desired results in 2019.

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This Mastermind Experience is for you if:

  • You are on the verge of success and you can feel it...but you aren't quite sure what it will take to make it happen. 

  • It's important to you to stay true to your vision, true to your brand and true to yourself.

  • You know you're being called to go higher, further, deeper and bigger in your business and your life.

  • You also know that many areas of your life must transform in order for you to take the leap into true success that you desire. 

  • You are ready to take the leap and transform your life?


Meet Your Guest Speakers

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Your Mastermind Experience will include:

  • Six (6), 90-minute private monthly coaching sessions with Camille

  • Two-day Destination Mastermind Retreat**

  • A private Facebook group exclusively for you and your mastermind partners

  • Global Guest Expert Sessions

  • Monthly Laser-Coaching "Office Hours"

  • Fierce Accountability

  • High-vibe community of mastermind partners


The Investment

There are two payment options for the Mastermind Experience

Option 1:

$5,000 paid in full

Option 2:

A deposit of $1,300 with 6 monthly payments of $650 starting January 2019

Camille offers fiercely, passionate facilitation and coaching during this mastermind experience. This is a great opportunity for you to be in community with other women entrepreneurs who "get it" while heightening the awareness of your brand and what your business has to offer.  In this mastermind you will not only take your business to the next level, but you'll see your life shifting in ways that you've only imagined. 


The Vision Investment Mastermind Experience Retreat:

  • Will be held at a beautiful destination in June 2019

  • Lodging and airfare is not included in your mastermind registration

  • Hotel information will be provided to registered participants


Have questions about whether or not the mastermind is a good fit for you? Email us at to set up a time to connect via phone.