A "MASTERMIND" is a group of highly motivated individuals who encourage and challenge each other to live out their vision for their life and business. Our community of women investing in their vision is phenomenal and out masterminds meld together their visions, ideas, resourcefulness, and actions to help you up-level your business.

Camille offers fiercely, passionate facilitation and coaching to all mastermind members. This is a great opportunity for you to be in community with other women entrepreneurs who "get it" while heightening the awareness of your brand and what your business has to offer.  In this mastermind you will not only stay on top of your business goals but we will ensure that you have a plan to make it happen.

Our Vision Investment Masterminds are held throughout the year.
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Dr. Joi D. Lewis

CEO and Founder, Joi Unlimited, Coaching and Consulting 

Working with Camille was amazing! The mastermind and 1:1 coaching with Camille was a game changer. It helped me to get focused and to take my business to the next level. To "uplevel" as Camille would put it.   I am more focused and really understand the difference between working 'on the business' and working 'in the business'.  I would say if you are serious about really moving your business forward, not simply doing it as a hobby, but really making an impact and you are willing to put in the work, this would indeed be a good investment!"


Shannon Tacheny


"Camille has a true talent for bringing powerhouse women into nurturing situations and then letting their expertise rub off on each other.  She speaks timely words of wisdom into the soul of your business and helps provide the focus, energy, and accountability that make true business growth happen.  In the Vision Investment Mastermind I made major branding, service, and pricing changes to my photography and creative business, and did it with confidence, knowing Camille and an empowering group of women had my back!


Beccah Leindecker

Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams

The Vision Investment Masterminds have changed the way I look at my business! In my first Mastermind, I shared one of my long time dreams and also my scariest professional challenge. As I shared it and discussed with Camille and the group, it suddenly became attainable through steps that Camille helped me through. I would recommend The Vision Investment Masterminds to business owners that need support and new ideas to go forward in their business towards success. The Masterminds have helped me with everything from branding my business to planning my upcoming events. In fact, I am holding an event that I would not have had the guts to plan without the much needed push from Camille. Camille's style of coaching is extremely productive. She knows what questions to ask and how to keep things moving throughout the Mastermind. If you need support, encouragement, and a kick to get your business to the next level- you NEED Camille as a coach!"


Char Dobbs


"This 1st quarter mastermind was totally shifted how I saw my business and more importantly how I saw MY role in the business. Truthfully, I was operating in a place I had outgrown and didn't know it. Working with Camille and my mastermind partners, I experienced a huge shift that I needed to expand my business with integrity, great service and profit. I'm grateful for the clarity and confidence that Camille always provides. I also have more space to dream bigger. If you feel stuck from indecision or fear from taking the leap forward, please do yourself a favor, invest in yourself by working with Camille.


Dr. Ayanna Quamina


Camille exudes a sense of professionalism mixed with a perfect blend of grace & charm. We spent hours together for the Vision Valuation Intensive- something that could have potentially been exhausting. Instead I left feeling inspired, invigorated, and most importantly, I left with an understanding of how to immediately move forward in my business. She took me through exercises that pushed me and tested my limits. Coaching with Camille has helped me fine tune and focus my intention for my business, and I would recommend her highly for anyone looking to take their business and their lives to the next level."