The 1:1 private coaching is a results focused program that is designed to help women Leader like you to: 

Gain clarity on the vision for what you truly desire for your life


Master the mindset to make it happen


become more visible to the people whose lives you are meant to change.

This coaching program helps women leaders get focused, gain clarity and take immediate action on their true vision for their life. You won’t just gain clarity on what you truly desire but Camille will help you activate your confidence in how you show up in your life as a powerhouse woman. Together, you and Camille will invest your time wisely by focusing on keeping your vision in alignment with your true desires  and how you plan to show up as the real YOU.

The Vision investment private coaching program is specifically designed for those women who are aware that a shift is needed in their their life and who have enough courage to do what it takes to make it happen.

As women we know when it’s time for a shift in our lives. Sometimes those shifts can feel overwhelming, frustrating and confusing and you don’t know what steps to take next.

"I remember the days when I wasn't clear on my vision, leaning solely on my own knowledge and trying to hold myself accountable so that I could 'save money'. 

I was fierce in so many areas of my life but secretly I knew that I had been playing small in my career, in my life and in my business. When I got honest with myself, it was clear that I'd been living more into society's vision and not living into my OWN vision for my life.

I knew that my life was meant for something bigger, something more. I knew deep down in my soul that I was created to inspire women all over the world to live their best lives but I wasn't getting the results that I wanted to see. It wasn't until I made working with a coach a non-negotiable that I started seeing results that I desired in my life and business. When I made a decision to invest in my own vision, everything changed"

-Camille A. Thomas

The reality is that when powerhouse women want something for their lives, their businesses and their families, they figure it out. Hoping, wishing and dreaming that things will change in your life is called "Living in fantasy land." Fantasy land will keep you broke and unfulfilled.

The private 1:1 Coaching program has a major emphasis on accountability and confidence and is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs, leaders and Visionaries who are serious about stretching themselves to achieve success in their lives.

We assess how you are currently being seen and we create a personalized plan that builds an organic network, fills your potential client pipeline, immediately increases your revenue stream, and creates a personal and professional brand that translates online and in-person. Many women are uncomfortable with promoting themselves and their businesses but the private coaching program with Camille helps you create an intentional and strategic way to be seen as an entrepreneur, leader and/or influencer that is in alignment with your life's desires and your values.

No matter who you are, the private coaching program will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and into your profit zone by becoming more visible to the people who need to see you. This program will help you start becoming an influencer in your industry and increase credibility with your potential clientele, audiences and communities. 


Melissa Taylor

Owner, the beauty lounge

"The Vision Investment Masterminds have changed my life!  Being in such a positive space with amazing women entrepreneurs was exactly what I needed to propel my business to the next level.  Camille challenges you to think big and not settle for anything less than your best.  I’m so happy that I invested in myself. I even took it a step further and invested in the 1:1 Private Coaching program. It has been a transformative decision because in the last 90-days my company has grown tremendously and our year to date sales have significantly increased!.



This Private Coaching will help you:

  • Activate your confidence and remind you who you were created to be.


  • Create a personalized Action Plan that will attract opportunities that are in alignment with you living the life you desire.


  • Gain the credibility and visibility that you deserve.


  • Get out of your comfort zone and into your profit zone in your careers and/or business.

  • Build on your momentum and take your actions to the next level.


  • Assess and activate your personal and professional brand.


  • Eliminate overwhelm, frustration and confusion within the vision for your life.


  • Get even closer to living the life that you were created to live!


Your 3 or 6 month Private COaching program includes:

  • 6 or 12, 45-minute private coaching calls

  • Full VIP-Day included in 6-month package (In-person or online via Zoom)

  • Fierce accountability to help you reach your goals

  • Vision Assessment

  • Unwavering support that will allow you to confidently show up fiercely in your life

  • Personalized strategies to up-level your life and help you play bigger

  • Unlimited email coaching and voice text coaching

The Investment: 

  6-month Private 1:1 Coaching

This coaching package is currently full.

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3-Month Private 1:1 Coaching

$3,500 Paid in Full

Available payment plans include:

4 payments of $950


Still not sure if the Private 1:1 Coaching Program is right for you? Email us to schedule a time to connect via phone at