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I'm so excited to offer a 45-minute, Complimentary coaching session to 100 Women Entrepreneurs all over the world! This summer has been all about love for me so I'm focusing on more of what I love. I've coached over 5,500 people around the world but what I love more than anything is coaching women business owners to realign their vision and renew their confidence so they can live the life they desire. And I'm excited to support you in this way. 

This complimentary coaching session is for you if:


*It's time that you realign your vision for your business and your life.


*It's time to renew your confidence so you can go to the next level.


*You're done with pretending like you have it all together.


*You're ready to make more money in your business.


*You're ready to be more visible to your ideal clients.


*You're tired of feeling unorganized.


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One quick note before you apply: I have a "Tough love with  a hug" approach so it is important that you reflect on your level of readiness to shift and change. 


*The application closes on Friday, August 31st or when all 100 spots are filled*