Private VIP Coaching Experience

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You're invited to join me for a full day, in-person private coaching session dedicated to your vision clarity, a tailored action plan and strategy for the next steps in your life, career and/or business. During our 6-hour session, I will take you through the 3-phase Vision Investment Method: Vision Assessment, Vision Investment and Vision Strategy. 

I'd love to host you in the heart of Silicon Valley as we take in the beautiful views of the mountains from the penthouse level and soak in the energy of some of the worlds most amazing business owners, leaders and people who are truly living the life they were created to live. All while experiencing beautiful and delicious meals and snacks from an award winning chef.

Make a trip out of it and explore San Francisco, head up to Napa or down to Los Angeles after your VIP day.

Your Private VIP Coaching Experience will:

  • Give you 6 hours of personalized coaching with Camille Thomas

  • Allow you to focus on your most pressing issues within your life and career/business

  • Help you get clarity and accelerate your next steps towards your vision

  • Challenge you to dig deeper and release mediocrity

  • Offer 2 follow-up private coaching sessions to provide support and accountability

This VIP day is specifically designed for those women who are aware that a shift is needed in their life and who have enough courage to do what it takes to make it happen.

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The Vision Investment Private VIP Day Experience is a 6-hour session that focuses on YOU. When is the last time you allowed that to happen for yourself? This session will help you get focused and gain or regain clarity on the life you were created to live.

This is for women who are experiencing a pull towards a deeper, more vision-connected and spiritually connected life. 

We’ll spend our time wisely by focusing on keeping your vision in alignment with what you set out to do in the first place.

We’ll assess if you’re still aligned.

We’ll assess and renew how you’re showing up in the world.

We’ll assess and renew your confidence.

We’ll take a look at the amount of time, energy and other resources you are investing into the vision for your life (money, health, behaviors, etc.).

We will tackle lingering excuses, remove barriers and release fear that may get in the way of the necessary Vision investments for the life you are created to live.

You will not only walk away with a 90+ day Action Strategy but you’ll gain clarity on how that translates to your real life on a daily and weekly basis.

 I want YOU to experience this.

You deserve it and you're worth the investment.

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