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The Vision Investment


The Place That fiercely supports women leaders and business owners who want MORE out of life.


Our clients are Women Leaders and Business owners who are fierce In many aspects of their lives,

But they know that deep down inside they've being called to do, have and be MORE.

We help our clients activate their confidence, Shift their mindset,get clear on the next steps and become more visible so that they can live the life they were created to live.


Our Values


Brittany Lynch

Founding CEO, Visions Merging

"Since working with Camille I’ve more than doubled my income, become more confident in understanding and articulating my financial goals, and have hired my first two employees. I’ve created stronger and clearly defined boundaries when it comes to my business and have improved my relationships with clients. Since working with Camille I can now step into the fullness of what it means to be a powerhouse and entrepreneur without second guessing myself or feeling like I’m not “there yet.” With Camille’s coaching I’ve transitioned from, “I think I am” to “I know I am” and that confidence shows in how I present myself as a woman and as business owner.


Are you a fierce and focused woman who is ready to level-up your business and life?

Our programs are designed to help women get results, gain clarity and to up-level their next steps in life and business.

It's time to say "Yes" to your vision and invest in yourself. It's time to make your desires non-negotiable and start living the life you were created to live. 

Activate your life. Invest in your vision today.


Alex Merritt

Owner, Dessert and discussion

Camille is the visionary that helps you unlock what is stopping your growth and greatness in your business and your life. Her holistic approach is perfect for powerhouses who need someone who can help them uncover what's really in their heart and strategically layout the vision in their heads. I have worked with coaches from all over the world and have never worked with one who has been able to help me move so swiftly to action and getting AMAZING results."