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The Firm

The Vision Investment is a coaching and consulting firm that Supports powerhouse women leaders and Business owners. 


We offer high-quality, private and tailored coaching for individuals and groups.


We help women leaders and entrepreneurs to identify the vision(s) for their lives and careers, activate their confidence, get clear on the next steps and take action.

At The Vision Investment, we truly understand that it’s not enough to simply have a vision.


Almost every woman has a vision for their lives, careers and their businesses but the most successful women know that it’s what you do with that vision that’s most important.

The Vision Investment takes a holistic approach and assists our clientele in identifying how they can most effectively invest their time, energy and other resources so that they can live the lives they were created to live.

We take our clients through The Vision Investment process that (1)  explores their vision and true desires for life through a valuation process, (2) we focus on the consistent growth for their business, career and life goals through tailored action-planning and strategy and (3) we help them to strategically be seen by creating a personalized plan to increase dynamic relationships, build an organic network and create a personal and professional brand that translates online and in-person.



Our Approach

At the vision investment we have the ability to hold the space for the whole person and view them from a non-judgmental holistic lens but with our business experience we fiercely challenge our clients to get down to business.

We like to call it “Tough-love with a hug”.


Fiercely Supportive:

No fear, nor failure will keep us from fully supporting, challenging and guiding our clients to live out their vision.

Committed to creating powerful and authentic connections for fierce women:

 We believe that these connections are the link to successful lives and careers.

Transparent about
our experiences:

We learn from our clients as much as they learn from us.

Fully invested:

Our client’s vision for their life, career and business is the #1 reason we exist. We will not waiver.

Live the Life
You Love:

We believe in doing what you love and living a life you love. If you no longer love it, figure it out because you only get one.


Founder and Lead Visionary

Camille A. Thomas


Yes, I’ve literally coached thousands of people but I knew a specific vision had been placed inside of me to live a larger life and to truly do business in a way that made the most sense for who I am at my core. So I made a decision to move fiercely towards my vision and The Vision Investment was born.


I know what you’re experiencing, I’ve been there. I was the woman who looked like I had it all together, and for the most part, I did. But I knew that there was something missing and I couldn’t keep living the same life and showing up in my career and business the same way.



I’ve made the expensive mistakes, I’ve wasted time doubting my God-given gifts and lacking confidence, I’ve gotten off-track because I was looking at what other women business owners were doing, and the list continues. I said “Thank you” to those experiences for the lessons and now I’ve moved on. I specifically designed The Vision Investment system for women entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers who are ready to do the same. I hope that’s you!

 Be great,

- Camille A. Thomas

Professional Bio

Camille A. Thomas became a certified coach at Alfred Adler Graduate School in 2009 and has been coached and trained by internationally known coaches since then. Camille has coached and consulted over 5,000 employees in various positions at Fortune 100 companies and she has also coached national and international entrepreneurs. Most of Camille's life-work thus far has been centered around helping people get clear on their visions for their lives, businesses and careers.

Camille A. Thomas has a passion for international travel and has traveled to and lived in many countries around the world. Camille has served on the board of directors for several organizations including the board of the Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce. She is the co-founder of Fearless Commerce, a phenomenal platform and coffee table book that highlights Black women business owners. Camille is also the founder of The Activate Network, a community that supports the success and excellence of powerful women business owners of color. She co-hosted a holistic health-related radio show for 5 years and consistently volunteers locally and internationally. Camille holds a bachelors degree in Community Health Education and a masters degree in Holistic Health Studies. Camille is also a model and voice-over talent for a premier agency in her state.