Vision Board Workshop Experience


Vision boards are great visualization tools/visual reminders that help us get clear on what we want/desire in our lives. They can include words and images that evoke inspiration and motivation to help you take action towards your goals and dreams.

The Vision Board Workshop Experience includes all materials (scissors, glue, images, magazines), so just bring yourself and your open mind. 


Camille Thomas has been facilitating Vision Board Workshops for the last 8 years for various audiences such as informal groups of professionals, colleges and universities, international groups (West Africa and Paris) and for corporations across the country. The workshop that she has created is a fun and out-of-the-box way to engage or re-engage professionals and to help them get crystal clear about their vision for the roles at work and for their lives. When people can envision themselves as successful at work and outside of work, they are more likely to show up as their best selves in both. This hands-on Vision Board Workshop motivates employees to take action in ways in which they haven't before. The workshop is for the analytical mind and the creative mind as she will pose a series of questions that allow for clarity and a strategic plan but also uses images to tell the story and capture the vision.    

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Fierce & Focused Experience

For Entrepreneurs 0-3 years in business

Fierce & Focused is masterclass experience for women entrepreneurs who are 0-3 years in business and who need a boost in their confidence, a boost in their revenue and are ready to go to the next level. This masterclass is designed for women business owners who are seeking clarity and confidence in the next best steps for their business.

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This masterclass is for:

  • Women entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed or stuck in their business

  • Women who want to be seen as industry leaders and innovators

  • Women entrepreneurs who are looking for THE masterclass that will not only inspire, challenge and inform them, but will ensure you walk away with a relevant plan of ACTION.

  • Women who want to expand their network of other fierce women.